Trip report 1275 Stubb’s farm Waitomo June 18th 2023

The Stubbs family farm is stunning. There are 100s of depressions called dolines creating a
unique landscape a bit like an egg carton, we walked along the high points and then down into
hollows to go up again, and down and up. All the while admiring the limestone formations and
the trees festooned with rata vine, epiphytes, mosses, lichens and ferns.
Along our way we scrambled over some of the rocks, wriggled our way through the squeeze,
entered a cave with weta, stalactites and stalagmites and explored the Canyon.
A cool start to the day had most of us well covered with several layers and when we got rain the
coats were added, but nothing was cool about our admiration for the natural environment, or our
appreciation of the way these natural features are being protected with good fencing and a QE2
Trust covenant.

Two comments made at the end of the day -

This walk was amazing

Had a fantastic day and thank you for being so welcoming:)