Single Day

  • Small pack
  • Plenty of lunch
  • Snacks 
  • Raincoat or parka
  • A change of clothes (leave these in the van)
  • Small First Aid Kit with plasters etc.
  • Drink (in a plastic bottle)
  • A torch – just in case



Woolly hat Sunhat
Mittens / Gloves Sun screen
Jersey Extra water

Multiple Days

When you book in on a tramp ask the Tramp Leader for:

  • More details. Details given in the tramp list are in outline only.
  • Any special requirements or extras you may need to take along?
  • Do let the Tramp Leader know if you are currently taking any medication, or recuperating from an illness, they need to be aware of this just in case anything goes wrong...


On a fine day you may think you don’t need a raincoat or parka. Don’t be fooled. Even if it doesn’t rain, you may need it to keep out the wind on an exposed ridge.

Leave a spare change of clothing in the vehicle. If you arrive back at the van, soaking wet and there is a 3 hour drive back to Hamilton, you will be pleased you remembered this.

In summer you tend to drink more, so do take enough. Plain water seems to go further than juice.

When you ‘sign up’ (book) for a tramp, ask the tramp leader for more details or any special requirements or extras you may need to take along. The details given in the tramp programme are frequently sketchy, as many tramps are only in their planning stages when the bulletin is written.

And do let the tramp leader know if you are currently taking any medication or have a medical problem (e.g. allergies to wasps etc), just in case anything goes wrong.