Suggested First Aid Kit for Parties

Any personal medication plus:

  • Antihistamine tabs 20 for allergies and stings
  • Antihistamine cream
  • Antiseptic cream
  • Cavit - temporary filling for teeth
  • Crepe bandages - 4” and 6”
  • Diastop/Lomotil - for diarrhoea
  • Elastoplast dressing strip
  • Furacin - for burns
  • Eye Ointment -for stys
  • Large wound dressings - sealed, compressed brand
  • Micropore tape - for butterfly closures
  • Needles and cotton 
  • Notebook and pencil
  • Paracetamol tabs 
  • Paranet gauze squares - sterile for burns
  • Salt tabs 
  • Safety pins 
  • Sleek plaster
  • Small sharp scissors
  • Spenco second skin - for blisters
  • Steristrip sutures
  • Sterile dressings - telfa type
  • Triangular bandages
  • Tweezers
  • Vaseline
  • Zinc Oxide plaster

Remember to check the expiry date on medications regularly.

We grade out tramps so that people have some idea of what to expect.

Our tramps range from easy tramps, suitable for beginners (requiring no previous experience) to more demanding (requiring a high level of fitness and experience).

However please note that regardless of the grading, all tramps are undertaken at your own risk.

Grade A

Reasonable fitness required; able to walk for 5/6 hours.

Grade B

Good level of fitness required; previous tramping experience required.

Grade C

Demanding - Open to Hamilton Tramping Club Members with overnight experience who have been on tramps with the club before, or who are personally known by the Tramp Leader.

One day tramps can be a nice leisurely bush walk or a fairly strenuous tramp into the more rugged regions of our local ranges.

Extended day tramps; see us leaving on Saturday afternoon or evening, we then camp or sleep overnight in a lodge so we are ready for an early start on the Sunday morning.

Weekend and long holiday weekend tramps are balanced between easy and strenuous tramps. We depart around 6 pm on a Friday night, travel to our destination then spend the rest of the weekend in remote places away from civilisation.

The tramp grading is allocated to tramps to give a general indication of the degree of difficulty. However it is still expected that trampers will discuss detail with the Tramp Leader (or Co-leader) to get a clear understanding of what the tramp will involve, and how to prepare for it.

To become a member of the Hamilton Tramping Club you must first complete at least two club tramps, to allow you to assess if the club tramps suit you, and to allow the club to assess your capability. After going on these tramps (any of the tramps the HTC arranges - preferably Grade A) you then can apply for membership using the nomination form. You should arrange for a membership Proposer (probably one of the Tramp Leaders on the tramps you have been on, who will also arrange for a Seconder if you wish).

There are four categories of membership:


Persons who have completed two club trips. Such Ordinary Members to have full voting rights.


One adult or two adult partners and their dependent children. Voting rights restricted to the adult partners only.


Persons who are full-time students, who do not qualify as family members and have completed two club trips. Student Members shall have full voting rights.


Individual persons who are interested and/or sympathetic towards the Club’s objects but who take a limited part in its activities and who have been proposed, seconded and accepted by a majority at a meeting of the committee. Associate Members shall not have voting rights or be eligible for election to the Committee.


Payment of subscription is not required with the application, although it may be included if you wish. The subscription in the first year is to 31 March and is reduced to 2/3 after 1 August and 1/3 after 1 December.

Attention is drawn to the Club Rules and in submitting the nomination you agree to such rules.


Whilst the committee shall take all reasonable care to ensure the safety of participants on trips the participants themselves undertake such trips entirely at their own risk and no RESPONSIBILITY will be accepted for accidents, injury, loss, delay or other misadventure which may occur or happen to members while on trips arranged by the Club. Neither the Club nor any member of the Committee or any other Member of the Club shall be liable for damages, injury, loss or damage suffered by any Member of the Club while such Member is engaged in activities organised by or on behalf of the Club. Members undertake and participate in such activities entirely at their own risk.


To provide transportation for the trips, it is the Club’s policy to hire vans, the cost of which is divided amongst those on the trip. We are a non-profit making organisation and try to keep the individual cost of trips down. For this reason we have found it necessary to impose the following conditions:

The Monday before the trip is generally the last day for bookings and cancellations. However if after that day you find you are able to go on a trip, and there is a seat available, you will be most welcome.

Cancellations after the Monday will incur a penalty of:

  • $10 for a DAY TRIP or EXTENDED DAY TRIP.
  • $20 for a WEEKEND or HOLIDAY TRIP.

Failure to turn up without notification will incur the full cost of the seat reserved. Of course, any valid reason for a cancellation will be accepted.

The application is considered by the HTC Committee (at the monthly committee meeting) and you will be advised.

The Club President or Club Captain will be happy to talk to you if you would like more information about our club.